See Ya Later (Propagator)

Raise your trowel if you started (some semblance of) a Victory Garden in 2020. That’s what we thought. The Greensboro Farmers Curb Market (501 Yanceyville St.) hosts the annual Go Green Plant & Garden Sale on Sunday, April 25, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Green or otherwise, at-home horticulturists can find vegetable starters, medicinal herbs, fruit-bearing bushes, ornamental flowers and, just maybe, some of the wackiest looking plants you’ve ever seen.  At this “local growers only” sale, you can also snag pro tips with your heritage, native and regional plants. And does your garden ache for a bit of locally made frippery? Yep, you’ll find that, too. Sale held indoors and outdoors. Face covering required. Info:


All Dolled Up

Not long before lockdowns were the norm, High Point’s Theatre Art Galleries (TAG) ordered 15 mannequins for an exhibit featuring Tony and Emmy award-winning designer Paul Tazewell’s costumes. Does Hamilton ring a bell? The Tazewell exhibit, which ran until early January 2020, was TAG’s last before it shuttered. Last month, it reopened with Mannequin Musings, which started as a Call to Artists to reimagine the naked displays otherwise left collecting dust. Fifteen creatives from across the state participated. You bet last year was an inspiration. And so was our future. Consider High Point artist Annie Chrismon’s “No Rain, No Flowers,” which is crowned by a luminous white cloud dripping with teardrop prisms. Bedecked in rhinestones, lush greenery, silk gardenias and fairy wings made of twigs, the mannequin nods to nature’s law: spring always follows winter. TAG (220 E. Commerce Ave., downtown High Point) is open Tuesday through Friday, noon until 5 p.m. Or, experience the exhibit virtually (and vote for your favorite) here:






Hip to It

For those in the know, the High Point Spring Market, aka, the “remix,” is already on the calendar for June 5–9 ( But have you heard of High Point x Design? It’s an evolving grassroots movement to make High Point a design nexus year-round. And it’s not just for the trade pros. If you’re a design enthusiast looking for art, décor, furniture or lighting, go forth and explore the “flagship” showrooms beneath the HPxD umbrella. Of course there are exclusive “trade only” showrooms, a. But nearly 20 fashion-forward galleries and boutiques will open their doors to all on Tuesday, April 6, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., and Wednesday, April 7, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. And if you’re looking to mask and mingle, don’t miss the HPxD Mixer on Tuesday, 4 p.m., at Cohab.Space (RSVP: High Point Spring Premarket (trade-only event) happens Sunday, April 25, through Tuesday, April 27. More info:


Built Like a Ram

OK, Aries. Maybe you should go on a brisk walk, blow off some steam, take a few slow, deep breaths of wisteria. Ruled by Mars (the god of war), those born under this fiery sun sign have a tendency to be more than a little hot-headed. But damned if you couldn’t charm the spit from a tree swallow. This month, the planets are aligned in your favor. Try to keep your cool. Go with the flow. But if instead your blood doth boil, try doing a headstand.

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