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Andie Stuart Rose, Creative Director

Cassie Bustamante, Editor

Jim Dodson, Editor at Large

Miranda Glyder, Graphic Designer

Alyssa Rocherolle, Graphic Designer

Contributing Editors

Cynthia Adams, David Claude Bailey,
Harry Blair, Maria Johnson

Contributing Photographers

Mallory Cash, Lynn Donovan,
Amy Freeman, John Gessner,
Bert VanderVeen, Mark Wagoner


Anne Blythe, Susan Campbell,
Wiley Cash, Ross Howell Jr., Billy Ingram, Gerry O’Neill, Liza Roberts
Stephen E. Smith, 
Ash Walshe, Amberly Glitz Weber

David Woronoff, Publisher

Advertising Sales

Amy Grove, Advertising Representative
336.456.0827  •

Lisa Allen, Advertising Coordinator
336.210.6921 •

Brad Beard, Advertising Graphic Design

Jennifer Bunting, Advertising Assistant

Darlene Stark, Subscriptions & Circulation Manager

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