by Billy Eye


Restaurants that were previously closed are reopening all over Downtown Greensboro. There’s even a new kid in the heart of Hamburger Square.

Last week, Crafted: Art of the Taco re-emerged with a new, limited menu consisting of burgers, wings and, yes, tacos. We thoroughly enjoyed their 10-piece garlic teriyaki wings with a side of the best ranch dressing I’ve ever tasted. For $11, that’s a real deal!

Chez Genèse is perhaps my fave restaurant downtown. The tall and fluffy quiche is always a winner at breakfast time and a natural to-go order with contactless curbside pickup. Check their website for daily changing offerings. This past Thursday, its smoked salmon sandwich on toasted whole grain toast topped with herb goat cheese, avocado and cucumbers was on the menu. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Machete’s tuna tataki with fennel and yuzu dashi is scrumptious as is the double-fried chicken with lemon. As a special treat, if you have time to kill, take your eats around the corner to Green Hill Cemetery for an enjoyable picnic in the sun. Complete your meal with one of the dozens of beer and wine bottles they offer.

Next door, Sage Mule bakery and bistro reopened  this week, taking orders Wednesday through Sunday, for scratch-made pastries and sandwiches from locally-sourced ingredients. Sage Mule was only open a few weeks when this current unpleasantness hit life’s pause button. I’m looking forward to dining in again when this is all over.

International eatery Bon Chon is back, as well. If you haven’t tried their Asian sesame salad with salmon, I highly recommend it. Also delish are the pork buns, bulgogi, and their crunchy chicken katsu is out of this world. They even offer delivery.

Smith Street Diner is once again plating Southern-style comfort food including their signature homemade chicken and tuna salads. I’m craving that ribeye with home fries and corned beef hash platter.

Heavenly Buffaloes is a new eatery at 356 South Elm. Their specialties are wings and waffle fries. This place is so new I haven’t tried it yet but they’re very popular in their original locations, Durham and Chapel Hill. Open most nights until midnight, there’s a good chance I will soon be sampling their garlic garlic garlic wings on a late night. Delivery is also an option.

Grey’s Tavern isn’t open but there is major renovation happening on its site. The Green Bean is currently taking delivery orders for Joe Van Gogh coffee blends.

Life is returning to downtown and Eye for one couldn’t be happier!


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