“Homewoods, Winter”, 2019, oil on canvas, 48 x 48 inches

Jeremiah Miller: Finding Solitude

Jeremiah Miller used to paint models, posing them in front of windows. Eventually, he became more enchanted with what lay beyond the panes.

“I thought painting landscapes was more liberating,” says Miller, “It’s about finding solitude . . . When I’m painting, I’m positing my own personal ideas. That’s the way I communicate.”

GreenHill, a Greensboro showcase of North Carolina art, hung three of Miller’s communiqués in its recent Winter Show.

For inspiration, Miller wanders the woods around his home in Belews Creek, as his painting Homewoods, Winter, suggests with its striped birch trunks, clinging beech leaves, and veins of shadows stretched across pillows of white.

“I’m always fascinated with the color of snow shadows. They go from blue to gray to lavender,” says Miller, whose background in photography helps him to see deeply.

His brush follows where his heart leads.

“I believe in aesthetic emotions,” he says. “There’s something that might attract me. It might be the pattern of the light or textures. Usually, if I have a really strong feeling about that, it’s going to be a painting I feel good about.”  OH

— Maria Johnson

Info: greenhillnc.org

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