Ode to My Backyard Garden

O mighty, O valiant

flowered phalanxes,

patrolling the patio perimeter!

Sharp-pointed hostas flank

two imposing hydrangeas

holding pride of place,

one uniformed in periwinkle,

the other, salmon pink,

their blooms thrusting

purposefully toward the sky.

Snowy-petaled Shasta daisies

with bright lemon centers —

the next line of defense —

gently wave in formation,

gathering intelligence,

heads pressing together

in silent exchanges.

Outermost are the sturdy sentinels,

daylilies hued in saffron and amber,

their ranks constantly replenished,

ever watchful for marauders,

especially Inscrutable Thomas,

the neighbors’ orange tabby,

a stealthy, persistent intruder.

O carry on, carry on,

my intrepid army

of blossoms!

— Martha Golensky

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