Crow at Dawn

Find me in the fold,

the crease between light and darkness,

where the silver sliver of a crescent fades

and the first hint of daylight approaches,

where I can still slip into the shadows,

and playfully balance between

morning and night.


Find me in the branches of the moonlit trees,

among the silken threads of webs,

as if I’ve just woken,

as if I haven’t been larking about all night,

basking in the freedom

that only comes

when the weary world sleeps.


Find me, sprightly greeting the day,

as the sun starts to lay its golden rays

upon my silky black wings,

and I must swallow the darkness

of the night,

keeping it as a part of me,

honoring who I am

even in the brightest of sunlight.

— Cassie Bustamante

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