Tradition with a Twist

Praise the dancing sugar plum fairies! Greensboro Ballet’s The Nutcracker will go on. And here’s how: the big screen. A live performance at the Carolina Theatre is being professionally recorded for a Nutcracker Drive-in experience at the Greensboro Coliseum (1921 W. Gate City Blvd., Greensboro) on Friday, December 18, through Sunday, December 20. In this year’s production, dancers will don masks to match their tights and tutus, and choreography will delight with not-so-subtle nods to COVID-era precautions — maids distributing hand-sanitizer at the Party scene, for instance. Watch the Nutcracker and Mouse King go face to snout from the safety and comfort of your own vehicle and, per usual, prepare to be dazzled. Drive-ins include food drives during each of the five productions to help local organizations feed the hungry this holiday season. Tickets: $60 per vehicle. Info:


Sag Season: Baptism By Fire

Have you ever met a Sagittarius who wasn’t a complete and total hot mess — at least 90 percent of the time? Think about it. And now conjure, if you can, the image of Miley Cyrus from her Wrecking Ball days. Red-hot lipstick, platinum blond undercut and nothing on save for a pair of Dr. Martens 1490 boots. That’s a Sag for you.  And wouldn’t you know it: Cyrus’ brand new album, Plastic Hearts, features a track named for her birth sign. The lyrics are more plebeian than poetic. But, let’s face it, Sagittarians aren’t exactly the Emily Posts of the zodiac. Their symbol is a bow-wielding centaur, as in half archer, half horse. The force is strong with you, star child, and with two eclipses in the forecast this month, that willpower just might save your sweet bippy. Prepare for turbulence, kiddo. The solar eclipse on December 14 will trigger a minor existential crisis — nothing a little palo santo (that’s “holy wood,” darling, not “Hollywood”) can’t clear up. And on December 30, a lunar eclipse is going to stir up the pot with your romantic partner. (If you’re single, that means good luck getting along with yourself.) But there’s good news: If you’re willing to put in the inner work, these shifts in the cosmos are going to help steer you toward a life with some semblance of balance. Happy birthday, you rebellious little fire sign. Breathe through it. And try not to get too bored. 


Worldly Palate

In June, 2019, O.Henry featured a story on Greensboro native Cameron Klass, millennial chef and holistic health coach, who is on a global “quest for zest.” As her T-shirt suggests, her mission to “Spread Hummus Not Hate” is her life’s work and joy. Having launched Root to Rise to share her wisdom of the “healing power of natural foods,” Klass recently published the first cookbook of her “Around the World” recipe series, Quest for Zest: Thailand. Featuring over 50 simple and authentic Thai recipes with what Klass calls her “healthy, creative, plant-based, gluten-free spin,” the book utterly sizzles with new possibilities. Illustrated with vibrant photographs, recipes include wholesome variations on classic street foods; green, red and yellow curries; pad Thai and other rice noodle dishes; plus sweet and creamy desserts Klass discovered through her travels. “My mission is to serve culinary confidence so that everyone and anyone feels that they can cook!” she says, adding that it’s a book for body, mind and spirit. Standard edition: $15; Star edition: $25.

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