Bruce Shores, Audrey Putting on Her Shoes, 1989, oil on canvas, 48 x 66 inches

An Exhibit After Your Own Art

Kickstart your day with a trip down to GreenHill’s latest exhibit, PRESENCE: A Figurative Art Survey (“Figurative” is academic speak for Modern art that retains references to the real world).  Leading N.C. artists invite you to explore the human condition through their survey of sculpture, paintings, fiber art and works on paper. Immerse yourself in a space committed to making the mundane of everyday beautiful, such as the simple task of lacing up your shoes. A culmination of realistic and symbolic works contribute to a distinctly Carolinian feel sure to pull at your art-strings. The only thing better than the chance to explore the minds of talented artists through their work is the chance to do so for free! This exhibit can be easel-y accessed just inside the front doors of the Greensboro Cultural Center, and will be open for viewing July 23 through November 5. We’re counting on you to Gogh! Info:


Courtesy of Greensboro Parks & Recreation

Fav School Subject: Recess

“This used to be your sprayground, this used to be your childhood dream . . .” And for one night only it can be all yours again. In honor of National Park & Recreation Month, Greensboro Parks & Recreation invites you and all your besties 21 and over to act like kids again at Adult Recess at the Barber Park Sprayground from 6–9 p.m. on Friday, July 8. Miss Mary Mack will be there with all of your other favorite nostalgic childhood playground games. Plus, bring back moves like “the sprinkler” — did it ever leave? — as you groove to classic jams and soak in full access to the sprayground. Admission is free, but bring cash for the food and beverage vendors that’ll be on site, dishing up meals much better than your lukewarm school lunches of yore. Info: (click on “events”). To subscribe to receive weekly happenings in the O.Hey voice, visit


Living in Harmony

Throughout the entire month of July, beat the heat with the Eastern Music Festival, Greensboro’s premiere classical music festival and summer educational program. EMF is instrumental in the lives of over 265 young students, teaching and encouraging them far beyond bass-ic skills. Catch these budding artists — plus faculty players and maestros — showing off their talent and learned skills in orchestra, opera, chamber, piano, brass and percussion. Over the course of the festival, more than 30 ticketed concerts and several free events are available to the public, hosted at Guilford College, UNCG and other local venues. Info:


Pass the Popcorn

Stay cool this month with a favorite outdoor activity: going back inside where there’s air-conditioning. At 7 p.m. on July 11, The Carolina Theatre kicks off its month-long Summer Film Fest. Each week, the schedule is filled with nostalgic blockbuster hits that take you back. On Mondays, you’ll find Hitchcock classics like The Man Who Knew Too Much and Strangers on a Train. Tuesdays are perfect for date night, featuring rom-coms such as Dirty Dancing and When Harry Met Sally. Wednesdays honor banned books with classics like The Great Gatsby and From Here to Eternity. Lastly, Thursdays are reserved for summer hits: Think Grease and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off . . .  “bow bow, oh yeah,  chicka chicka chicka”. Plus, don’t miss the Carolina Kids Club movies in July and August. Info:


Cruise in for a Brews-ing

Too hot? Just grin and beer it. On Saturday, July 16, the Summertime Brews Festival hops into the Greensboro Coliseum, serving up samples of over 150 craft brews. What’s the buzz? This party is packed with cornhole, food truck grub and live music. With general admission, doors open at 2 p.m., but get yourself a VIP — Very Important Pubgoer — pass and crack open the floodgates at noon. Ale, yeah! Closing time: 6 p.m. This event is for the 21-and-over crowd only. Please catch a ride and drink responsibly. Info:



Ogi Sez

Ogi Overman

I’ve reached the stage of life where I don’t take anything for granted, where I try to find enjoyment in each day, where I try to celebrate the beauty around me. And July is one of those months with plenty to celebrate. Besides the Fourth, there are festivals galore — street, bluegrass, beach, neighborhood, Sunday afternoon, lakeside, etc. Plus, the ’Hoppers have 15 home games, including fireworks on the Fourth, and multiple venues have live music every night of the week.

• July 7, Tanger Center: I’ve been blessed to interview the Gill-Grant family five times (Vince twice, Amy thrice). They’re my favorite musical couple on Earth. Touring separately, this month it’s Vince’s turn. His sweet, mellifluous tenor, heartfelt lyrical delivery, and stylish, perfectly placed guitar work put him in a class by himself.

• July 8, The Crown: I’ve said it a million times: How lucky Greensboro is to have a genuine blues legend like Bob Margolin in our midst who gives back to the community every chance he gets. With this show he is not only supporting The Crown, but also the Fiddle & Bow Society. So get there early and support him in return.

• July 8, Ziggy’s.Space: A savvy friend traveled a state away to see Cracker recently. He told me flat-out that it was the best live show he’s ever seen. They debuted in 1992 with “Teen Angst,” which went to No. 1 on the Modern Rock chart, and, 30 years later, haven’t slowed down a lick.

• July 22, Ramkat: There was an internet (where else?) rumor going around that a member of Los Lobos had died and the band was going on hiatus. While it is true that founding member Francisco Gonzalez died at 68 on March 31, he left the band long before — in 1976. So, yes, the beloved band that made Tex-Mex and Chicano rock a thing will be at the Ramkat this month, and so should you

• July 29, High Point Theatre: I almost never hype tribute bands. The one exception is Beatles tribute acts, and then only rarely. There are a handful of them on tour at any given time, but the one (aside from Rain) that stands out is Yesterday. I’ve seen them twice and, trust me: You will not be disappointed.

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